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Certified translations

A certified translation, also known as a certified translation, is a translation that is not only a faithful translation of documents from the source language to the target language, but also a confirmation of the compliance of the translation with the original. Thanks to this, we can present such documents in institutions such as the court, public administration bodies, banks, schools and universities.

Sometimes medical translations are also necessary, for example accepted by insurance companies or health care institutions, as well as by medical service providers or pharmaceutical companies.

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  • Any documents that require certification,
  • Official documents,
  • Civil Registry Office documents,
  • School certificates,
  • Graduation diplomas,
  • Diploma supplements,
  • Documents for cars and other vehicles,
  • Medical documents,
  • Bank documents,
  • Financial and accounting documents,
  • Customs documents,
  • Legal documents,
  • Judgments and court decisions,
  • Notarial deeds,
  • Powers of attorney,
  • and many more
Certified translations